The Green Toque Supper Club is an invite-only dinner party conceived by food industry incubator StarChefs in collaboration with culinary and cannabis professionals in Denver and meets several times a year in Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon.  These dinners take a well-rounded approach on the consumption of cannabis, pairing strains with dishes according to their terpenes (compounds that give cannabis flavor) and psychoactive affects.  I was really proud to take part in this project as it really helped legitimize the culinary applications of cannabis by collaborating with respected chefs and experts to create a really unforgettable experience.


This event was for insiders only and we wanted it to feel exclusive, so I took logo elements from the medallions of fraternal organizations and adventure clubs. 
Left, early branding concept and invitation.  This more casual concept was shelved in favor of branding that felt a bit more refined.  The final invitation is at right.
“A dinner like this one has never, ever been done before. Having an organization like StarChefs stepping into the culinary cannabis world shows the progression and destigmatization of cannabis. This dinner will be another step forward into the exploratory world of culinary cannabis experiences.” 
- Cannabis Sommelier Philip Wolf
“We talk about flavor, aroma, and overall effect of each strain and then leverage those elements into dishes that highlight each part. We also make sure to control the amount of cannabis, the same way you would be conscious of the amount you are pouring for a beverage pairing.”
- Chef Hosea Rosenberg
“It’s important to bring together like-minded chefs to explore the culinary applications of cannabis. After all, it was originally designed to be ingested, not smoked.”
- Chef Kelly Whitaker
Photos courtesy of StarChefs
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