Miami Project is a popular art fair that runs during Art Basel week in Miami every December.  The fifth edition was taking a different direction in terms of concept and execution so a total rebrand was in order to distinguish it both from its previous iterations and the many competing fairs that exhibit during Art Basel.  The brand's original concept was extremely modern and minimalist, intended to complement the outrageous angular architecture and horizontal lines of 1111 Lincoln Road (the famed carpark designed by Herzog & de Meuron).  When the venue was suddenly changed to the much more somber 6625 Indian Creek Drive, I began integrating more diverse and colorful exhibitor artwork into the campaign to add interest and whimsy to the sparse but elegant branding. 

I had the privilege of designing this fair from top to bottom, from the rebranding effort to the staff tee shirts.  
Original animated schematic of 1111 Lincoln Road

Early phase advertisement

Later phase advertisement

Custom email layouts for exhibitor marketing

Animated location map for digital outreach

Artwork-driven eblasts

Custom social media images

Animated schematic of 6625 Indian Creek Drive

VIP mailer and scannable VIP pass

Posters featuring exhibitor artwork

Staff tee shirts

Badges inspired by Pantone swatches.  Colors communicate levels of access to fair security

Interactive marketing one-sheet

Fully interactive information packet for exhibitors.  Used as the basis for UX design of Miami Project's exhibitor management system
Custom neon and die cut vinyl signage
Architect: Michael Pigozzi
Senior Producer / Curator of Installations: Lindsey Van Nuil
Exhibitor Relations Manager: Elizabeth Anderson
PR: Nina Weissman
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