Starchefs Rising Stars Magazine: 
New York CITY


Rising Stars is a culinary trade magazine published quarterly by StarChefs, celebrating the most innovative young culinary talent in the area.  I had the pleasure of redesigning the magazine and laying out the first issue of 2017--the New York City edition.  This was a tremendous project that I was able to art direct and execute from top to bottom--from creating the new Rising Stars style guide to laying out forty-two bios and recipes, fifteen features and producing thirty-three spot illustrations.  The magazine contains ninety-six pages total, and includes recipes from fine dining institutions including Per Se and Cafe Boulud, as well as new ventures including Olmsted and Sunday in Brooklyn.  
I also provided art direction for the cover, which was produced by the illustrator Alix Pentecost-Farren.

Photo by Briana Balducci.
Editor: Caroline Hatchett
Cover Illustration: Alix Pentecost-Farren

All photos by Briana Balducci
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